Spreading Awareness By Conducting Clay Ganesh Idol Making Workshops

Lot of individuals and organisations conduct workshops for clay ganesh idol making for awareness of eco Ganesh celebration. One of such organisation Maitrayee foundation has been conducting such workshops for last 3 years and connected over 6000 thousand people mostly kids from schools, colleges and housing societies.

Maitrayee foundation based in Mumbai conducted worshops in city of Mumbai, Pune and even Kota (Rajasthan) this year of 2019. According to the foundation conducting this workshops help to spread awareness in a effective way by involving people in clay activity and taking pledge from them to spread awareness in their circle.

One of the member from foundation mentioned that workshops extends upto 3 hours and people really enjoy this activity and amazed by themselves when they finish making the idol. They don’t believe that they have so much patience and creativity in them. In the end all of them are happy with their artwork.

In the workshops eco friendly Shadu clay or red clay is used. People are advised to immersed the idol in the bucket and reuse the clay.

This year I made Ganesha from the clay which was left last year with me and I remembered how to make Ganesh idol taught by Maitrayee foundation. Thank you so much.

Shweta Dixit, Kandivali.

If you are looking to conduct such workshop, kindly email: ecoganesh.com@gmail.com

Meenal TIpnis from Dadar
Meenal TIpnis & family from Dadar
Sheetal Sawant from Parle
Shreyaan, 14 yrs old from Virar
Shweta from Kandivali.
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