People In Latur Donates 29000 Ganesh Idols

At a time when most parts of the state are facing a flood-like situation, Maharashtra’s Latur district is hit by the worst drought in years.

Less rain has left the district parched with most ganpati mandals and households donating nearly 29000 idols to the district administration and idol makers instead of immersing them. While some of them have managed to immerse the idols at home, about 39 mandals did the same in adjacent districts.

“Prior to visarjan we held a meeting with ganpati mandals, police and other social workers to inform them about donating idols, reinstalling the same next year and immersing the eco-friendly ones at home. The response was good, as 59 mandals decided to reinstall the same idols next year, 12 idols were given to idol makers, 207 ganpati mandals donated their idols to us and 39 mandals chose to immerse them at adjacent districts. Citizens collected a total of 320 idols and handed them to us. The cops too played an important role in supporting the initiative.”

District collector, G Shrikant

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