Importance Of Eco Friendly Ganesh Idols

Clay Ganesh Idol

The word Ganesha comes for “Gana” and “Isha”. Gana means flock (demigods) of followers of Lord Shiva and Isha means the Ruler. The indepth study of Lord Ganesha will be found in Mudgala Puran and Ganesha Puran. Hence the worshipping Lord Ganesh with strict rituals and spirituallity is required.

The purpose of Ganesh Chaturthi in pre independence era by Lokmanya Tilak served its purpose with greater effect and its purpose in present day has lost completely. Needless to say about Enviromental pollution, noise pollution and commercialisation.

The spirituality  and proper rituals are of utmost importance during Ganesh festival. Along with Vedic mantras, homas, archana and the most important thing is what type of idol should be worshipped.

Clay Ganesh Idols:

The significance of clay idols are:
1) The creation of Lord Ganesha was from the grime of mother Parvati.
2) As per hindu rituals clay (Shadu) idols are appropriate to worship.
3) Pavitraks (Divine Conciousness) – During the Ganesh Chaturthi the Ganesh frequencies are high on the earth. These frequencies are attracted towards certain flowers & herbs such as Durva, Hibiscus, Ganeshpatris as well as Clay idols. These frequencies are then emitted back into atmosphere and are then known as ‘pavitrak’. Pavitraks are subtle particles contains Divine Consciousness.

Satvik Ganesh Idols:
Satvik idols are clay idols. The name “sattvik” implies one who is divine, pure, and spiritual. In order to get maximum Ganesh principle be attracted in this idol, these idols are specially made by Sanatan Sanstha considering the study of science of idol and satva (purity) of idol.

Paper Mache Idols:
In recent developments the idols are being made from paper mache, tree gum and white ink. These are most sturdy idols and light in weight. It gets dissolved in water very fast. This is immediate alternative to plaster of paris idols but cannot replace the significance of traditional clay idols.

Cow Dung Ganesh Idols:
Ganesh idol made from cow dung is 100% eco friendly. In Hindu rituals cow dung is sacred and is of multi purpose use.

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