Ways to Celebrate Eco Ganesh Festival


Eco friendly celebration is not only restricted to Shadu or Paper mache idols but also following things:

Eco Friendly Decorations:

Decoration with thermocol should be avoided. Thermocols are undisposal materials which can clog the water flow. Decoration with flowers, clothes or cardboards should be encouraged. Now the beautifully designed Eco friendly card board decorations are available. Decoration with locally available natural flowers, leaves, creepers, sapling pots.

Avoid use of loudspeakers & DJ

Ganesh festivals are to be traditionally celebrated with song and dance in large groups, using musical instruments, drums etc.
Use of loud speakers, sound system or DJ should be avoided during the festival.
Bursting of fire crackers during celebrations produce intermittent and high frequency ‘impulse noise’. Fire crackers, DJ sound and musical instruments during the festival produces high levels of noise.
Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) every year issues circulars to the authorities of every Ganesh mandals regarding the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2010. Failing to which seven years of imprisonment or a penalty of Rs 1 lakh is imposed. The permissible level of noise is 75 But it is reported than the noise level exceeds 100 db during the Ganesh festival specially during immersion process.
Effects of Decibels:
  • 110 decibels: continuous exposure of more than one minute risks permanent hearing loss
  • 100 decibels: no more than 15 minutes unprotected exposure recommended.
  • 90 decibels: prolonged exposure to any noise above 90 decibels can cause gradual hearing loss.
  • To avoid hearing loss from impulse noise exposure, never expose a child to a sound above 120 decibels.

Artificial Pond

Traditionally Ganesh idols are to be immersed in flowing water. Mostly they are immersed it in natural water bodies such as lake, ponds, sea etc. A growing awareness about the water pollution during the has introduced the awareness campaign on the concept of immersing idols in artificial ponds. Artificial ponds are eco-friendly and response for eco-friendly immersions looks encouraging.
Artificial Ponds help to avoid pollution of natural water sources like rivers, lakes and sea. This arrangement should ensure that water will not enter into the natural resource.
Near locations of artificial ponds will ensure short and pollution free procession.

Nirmalya Kalash

Nirmalya are the offerings made during immersion process. These offerings are mix of flower garlands, fruits, coconuts, spices etc. Also non biodegradable materials such as plastic or thermocole accompany the offerrings, makes it necessary to appropriately manage the ‘nirmalya’ collected.
‘Nirmalya kalash’ are provided and are used to segregated into dry & wet waste. Also these Nirmalya are collected in paper bags and used to make manure.
Proper disposal can be done as per guidelines given by local governing authority.

Unique Celebration

a) One Society, One Ganesha

The concept of One Society, One Ganesha is unique concept. Residential complexes can set a good examples by following this concept. This means bringing One Ganesh Idol within the society and celebrate it in collective way.
b) Worshipping Metal or Wooden idols
At some places metal or wooden idols are worshipped. Symbolic Betelnut is used to carry rituals and pooja. Later this Betelnut are immersed in water within the house.
c) Worshipping Ganesh on paper
Ganesh picture is drawn on paper sheet and later this paper is immersed in water.
d) Worshipping Ganesh on wall
The idea of drawing Ganesh picture on walls and then later rubbing this picture wet cloth, is also implemented.
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