Hazards of Thermocol

Hazards of Thermocol
Like plaster of paris, thermocol has it’s own hazard.  The convenience of this material have made us habitual and we can’t resist them. But the time has come to realise the bad effects of these material thus saving our health and environment. Banning of polythenes or polythenes bag are always talked about but the thermocol which is a byproduct of polythene is not banned.
Thermoplastic compound in the thermocol is obtained by the polymerisation of polythene. These are very light weight which floats on water and are non-biodegradable. The major usage of thermocols are seen during Ganesh Utsav celebration, for making decorations.
The hazards of thermocols are:
  1. They don’t decompose in the soil, thus make soil infertile.
  • It releases poisonous gases on burning, which can cause respiratory problems, or even death, when inhaled.


  • Tons of thermocol goes in water during Ganesh festival. Being light in weight they cause marine debris.


Thermocol Plates
All types of thermocol usage is harmful. The immediate harmful effect can be seen in thermocol plates. This is because, firstly the plates are not clean and secondly when hot meals are served on the plate, the upper layer of the plate melts. Melting releases chemicals. These chemicals mixed with the food enter our digestive system causes longterm diseases. Health problem caused are associated with kidney failure and affects vital organ.
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