Campaign Announcement on World Environment Day

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Today is World Environment Day. We at have already been spreading awareness about environmental issues. If you want to pledge for contributing towards the environment, then you are invited to join us.

Topic of awareness
We at associated with Maitrayee Foundation take this opportunity to announce the Workshops for making Ganesh idols out of clay. This year we are extending our campaign by encouraging people for home waste management.

Why workshop on making clay idols of ganesha?
There are many issues related to environment such as unclean surroundings, pollution, generation of daily waste and so on. Inspite of knowing the hazards caused by it, yet we are unable to address the issues due to various reasons. This attitude of negligence is even seen during our festivals. The best example is Ganesh Utsav. We worship Lord Ganesha whole heartedly but ignore the hazards due to plaster of paris idols which cause damage to the sea.

Last year we conducted 15 workshops for making clay idols of Ganesha in schools, societies and companies. This year we aiming to conduct at least 50 such workshops.

So we feel that Ganesh Utsav is the best medium not only to spread awareness about eco friendly celebration but also a medium to address other issues.

Encouraging Home Waste Management
The other critical issue is Waste Generation. This issue can be addressed and can be started from our homes. Though waste management is encouraged at a Society level, but there are practical difficulties to start immediately. So why not start managing our waste from home. It is a brilliant way for all the environment lovers and all the people to do a bit for our environment from home. It can be started immediately and is a small step for a better future.

Why to do waste management?
From each household 300 to 500 grams of wet waste is generated daily. Imagine the volume when thousands of houses generate this waste. In Mumbai itself daily upto 4000 tons of wet waste generated and it is thrown as garbage. If these wet waste is managed at home, then not only 4000 tons of wet waste will stopped from going out in open but also it can be converted into good manure.

So are you ready?
The above mentioned issues are very crucial and needs immediate attention.

The best way to make people aware is by involving them into fun activities. So clay ganesh making workshop is best medium to do it. We have seen that people of all ages enjoy making clay ganesh idols. They explore the hidden talent in them. This activity helps people to connect with the environment.

What you can do?
– You can learn and teach others
– Start the workshop from your own society or building
– Help to spread the word
– Communicate with schools and societies

So are you ready to take this small step? Do contact us:

Whatsapp: 9920668233 or email:

Today on Environment Day we do the “Shree Ganesha” of our campaigns.

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